Wedding Photography: Immortal memories of

‘The Special Day’.

‘Wedding’, one of the biggest and the most auspicious day in our lives. There are some things that you don’t find out until your wedding day. Thus it is very important to capture your emotions on this auspicious day. KlickwithVijay provides you with your best wedding photographs along with bridal makeup. A wedding photographer is not just a person with a camera but a person who captures each emotion & the moments in his frame. Hence it is the job of a wedding photographer to capture the emotions of your loved once along with the bride and the groom. Because not only is it a big day for the bride but is also a very special day for her mother & her father. Since the entire wedding hall is filled with overwhelming emotions, therefore our wedding photographer is well equipped to capture every ongoing event.

KlickwithVijay is a wedding photographer who has 12 years of photography experience in candid photography. Candid photography is not just capturing emotions but is all about capturing the right emotions at the right time. Wedding photography also involves Pre-wedding, wedding & Post-wedding shoots. Capturing all the pretty moments that the bride and groom had, have and will spend together. Thus our wedding photographer brings along with him a bridal make-up artist so that the bride looks her best on her special day. We and our wedding crew help you decide your dress, makeup, etc. We also bring along professional make-up artists & hair artist that have worked along with celebrity stars like Saif Ali Khan, Deepika, etc. Hence our wedding photographers believe in giving you our best, making it your most memorable moment.

We believe in making your experience everlasting by capturing them in our lenses with the help of our expertise in wedding photography and candid photo shoot.

Wedding photographer of 'Miss India Parul Mishra'.

"I have been working with Vijay as long as my modeling career started. Vijay was the one to click my pictures when I won the title of Miss India in 2011. He has been there with me on every step of my life. Also, I can't thank him less, not only he is a great man but also a man of words and respect. This man Vijay along with his team (KlickwithVijay) stood by me during all my good and bad times. KlickwithVijay has worked with me during my modeling career with brands like Kalazone saree, Earth Hour ambassador, Botox, Iren collection UAE, Bawree Bridal collection, etc. His work is so flawless and precise that I also invited him to my wedding and told him to bring his camera to shoot my wedding. Never I did ever want my wedding photography to be done from any other than Vijay."

"Thank You for all those beautiful memories you gifted me."

-Parul Mishra (Miss India 2011)

Wedding Photographer of 'Aditya & Natasha'.

I have been shooting movie and television stars over a decade. I am an expert in candid photography and have a well-qualified experience of 12 years. Hence I have decided to provide the same quality and dedication to all the lovely brides, who always wanted to look like a movie star. Most of all I have also been taking candid photo shoots for various actors and models. Therefore we provide you with a 360-degree experience including Bridal makeup, hair stylist, candid photo shoot, pre-wedding, wedding & post-wedding shoots and also wedding and pre-wedding cinematography.