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Wedding day is a most important day in persons life “and” The biggest permanent change that happens in a Lifetime. And so the two souls become one.

When two Families become one.

When new relations are form and old relations are further strengthened. The beginning of a new era in one’s Life!

Wedding Photographer in mumbai

Wedding Coverage:

Immortal memories of ‘The Day’.

Covering such an extravaganza involves a lot of attention to minute details.

Depending on the wedding event we ensure that every moments are capture without actually interfering with any of the rituals.

And the two most important aspects that we keep in mind are the Event and the People.


Wedding photographer in mumbai

The Event:
Apart from the ‘STARS’ i.e. the Bride and the Groom

The entire occasion has to be cover with immaculate accuracy and finesse s that it becomes memorable for everyone, including the families and the guests.


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The eyes say it all !!!!

So the moment arrives Tears, Smiles, Mixed Emotions…..That’s the Beauty of an Indian Wedding.

When bride bids adieu to her family, to start a new journey. The excitement of new life and the pain of leaving her childhood abode mixed together bring out and unnamed emotion.

The glimpse of father with teary eyes. Just divine

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wedding photography in mumbai

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