Wedding photography


Wedding photography is a specialty in photography that is primarily focused on the photography of events and activities relating to weddingsWe specialized in other types of Traditional photographyof the couple before the official wedding day, such as a pre-wedding engagement session (photographs are later used for the couple wedding invitations). On the official wedding day, we all photographerswill attempt to provide candid photography, as well as cinematography coverage to document the different events and rituals throughout the wedding dayhttp://klickwithvijay.com/


Fashion photography

www.klickwithvijay.com http://klickwithvijay.com/is the brainchild of renowned Fashion Photographer Vijay Naukudkar. His decades of experience behind the lens has not only seen his expertise in the genre of Fashion. He has proved his brilliance in capturing alluring moments in various kinds of events like political Corporate and Entertainment.


Candid photography

His niche for Weddings whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian or any other Indian Culture was the true inspiration for the birth of klickwithvijay.com https://weddingzforever.com/In his illustrious career he has framed many weddings for many happy couples. May it be Candid Photography, Pre Wedding Events or shoots everything has been captured gloriously by his High end Camera and Crystal Clear Lenses.http://klickwithvijay.com/



Pre wedding 

The pre wedding sequence preceding the Big Day!Courtship period is the most memorable phase during which the couple develops a special relationship before getting married.If captured in the right mood and at the right Time, it becomes the most cherished memory as the years pass by.



Cinematography gives and different vision on wedding day.We understand the importance of memories of the wonderful times just before you actually tie the knot.Pre-wedding videos are a great way to showcase who you are, what you love, or how you met to all of your family and friends.
What better than Cinematics? It not only captures candid moments but also gives a personalised ‘Film’ where you play yourselves so don’t have to actually ‘Act’.We have 10+ years of first hand experience with the Film and T.V industry which gave us opportunities to work with some of the best known faces in the industry. Which means that the quality and content of the video would be Top class.Our in-house Team will include a wide range of subjects from Location, Story lining, Costumes, Makeup, Direction etc.httpshttp://://youtube.com/user/vijay999ish



Wedding photography

wedding photography Perhaps, the most important day in a person’s Life!
The biggest , permanent change that happens in a Lifetime. When two souls become one.When two Families become one.When new relations are formed and old relations are further strengthened. The beginning of a new era in one’s Life!