Celebrity Photo Shoots

The Original Choice of Celebrities KlickwithVijay a sensation among sensations

The most sought after Photographer even celebrities trust. Gaining a Trust of someone who is already an expert in facing the Camera and who would have high expectations form what their Photographer will deliver. Years of Experience and the passion to capture every single aspect of what a renowned personality would expect is matter of sheer talent.





Cinema stars to Cricketers all have worked with the expert Klickwithvijay everyone knows that the man behind the lens is a trusted and experienced cameraman



Product Endorsements or just to strike a pose for whatever the reason may be KlickwithVijay is what the celebrities know that the Clicks will truly be exceptional.



Celebrities comfortably smile when they know that KlickwithVijay is behind the lens capturing every bit of their natural beauty that these glamorous celebrities radiate

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